Zeftron Case Study

Embassy Suites Nashville – At Vanderbilt
Location: Nashville, Tenn.

embassy-suites-vanderbiltThe Embassy Suites Nashville at Vanderbilt is a highly popular and heavily frequented hotel. Conveniently located next to Vanderbilt University, Vanderbilt Medical Center, Belmont University and Nashville’s downtown entertainment area, the hotel caters to student groups, alumni, business travelers and fun seekers.

When a renovation of all 208 guest suites was recently approved, the hotel needed the perfect flooring solution: One that would be stylish and visually interesting, extremely durable and mask stains until their removal. It also needed to meet the hotel’s brand standard and undergo rigorous performance scrutiny and testing.

Design & Supply, a design services firm that has been serving the hospitality and lodging industry for more than 35 years, recommended Aqua Hospitality Carpets’ Flora product in broadloom from the Bloom collection for the 3,700 square feet of carpet needed. Made with 100 percent Zeftron nylon, Flora offers the perfect balance between style and durability.

Its organic floral pattern in “Go-Go Marigold” was dark enough to pull in other elements of the room, such as the sofa, ottoman and drapes, but light enough to brighten the room. “The fiber’s brilliant sheen not only helped brightened the room, but the intricate pattern also added an excellent visual element to the overall design,” said Kerry Udinski of Design & Supply.

From a durability standpoint, Flora and Zeftron nylon were put to the test by General Manager Scott Balmaseda. A sample piece of the carpet was placed in a heavily trafficked area of the hotel to see how it would stand up.

“Durability is always the most important factor from an operating standpoint,” said Balmaseda. “And when lighter colors are being used, we’re always concerned about spills, soiling and cleaning, but the product has performed extremely well.”

Zeftron’s lifetime stain and performance warranties added additional peace-of-mind to its proven color, shading, textural and styling attributes. A fully recyclable nylon with 25 percent recycled content and the ability to contribute to LEED credits, Zeftron also supports sustainable building.

Flora is performing extremely well and is hit with all who visit the hotel. Udinski sums everything up by saying: “In-stock with the right pattern, colorway and fiber…this product has a lot going for it.”